About the Study Guide

You are looking at the Texas Offroad Rider’s Ed Study Guide. At the present time, you cannot obtain off-road education certification from Offroad Ed. However, you can use this Study Guide as a resource to learn more about off-road safety.

An ATV hauling cattle feed

An ATV makes a great utility vehicle because it can tow heavy loads a lot easier than you can carry them. To avoid damaging the load or injuring yourself and others, always use the proper equipment and position the load correctly.

  • Check your owner’s manual to make sure your ATV is rated to tow the combined weight of your vehicle and trailer. Also make sure the towing hitch is appropriate for the loaded trailer.
  • Use a rigid hitch when towing anything. If you’re pulling a cargo trailer or wagon, use a tow bar to keep the trailer from ramming into your ATV.
  • Load the cargo to maintain the lowest possible center of gravity. Distribute the load along the bed of a trailer instead of piling it up. Also, secure the load so that it won’t shift when you turn or brake.
  • When slowing, downshift and use the engine to help slow the vehicle. Do not brake suddenly. On slippery surfaces, downshift and apply brakes equally (if equipped with dual brakes) and lightly.
  • When descending a hill, always shift to a lower gear.