About the Study Guide

You are looking at the Texas Offroad Rider’s Ed Study Guide. At the present time, you cannot obtain off-road education certification from Offroad Ed. However, you can use this Study Guide as a resource to learn more about off-road safety.

Quick turns will help you avoid obstacles. To do this, you will adjust your body position, shift your weight, and change your speed.

  • Space five markers 35 feet apart. Travel to the left of the first marker, and then weave back and forth around the other markers.
  • Start slowly, and then gradually accelerate without going past second gear.
  • When you feel comfortable with the original spacing, move the markers closer together, working your way to a minimum distance of 18 feet.
  • If you hit any markers, swing wider around the marker and shift your weight more. Try adding a burst of speed but not so much that you pop up the front wheels.
Diagram for practicing quicker turns