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Crisscrossing chains under the towing hitch
  • Use a towing hitch appropriate for the loaded trailer.
  • Make sure the size stamped on the ball hitch on the towing vehicle is the same size that is stamped on the trailer’s coupler. If the ball hitch is too small, a bump in the road could cause the coupler to lift off the hitch.
  • Make sure the ball hitch lever is latched properly.
  • Crisscross two strong safety chains under the tongue, and latch them to the towing vehicle’s frame.
  • Latch the trailer bed properly.
  • Check wheel bearings for proper lubrication.
  • Check tire pressure (proper PSI).
  • Check lug nuts. Are they tight, or are some missing?
  • Is there a spare trailer tire?
  • If your trailer has brakes (electric or hydraulic), make sure they work.
  • Connect the trailer to the towing vehicle’s lighting system. Test all lights—left turn, right turn, brake, rear, and license plate.
  • Make sure the front ends of the machines are secured to the trailer using a bar. Secure the rear ends with a ratchet-type load binder.