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Female ATV rider

Protective clothing and gear—including a DOT–approved crash helmet—can make a dramatic difference if an accident occurs. Review Protective Clothing and Gear to make sure you're properly outfitted. Protective clothing and gear play an important role in preventing injury and death in motorcycle accidents and at other times.

  • No access to safety equipment in an accident. In an accident, you will likely be separated from the motorcycle. In that case, safety gear on the bike can't protect you.
  • Eye protection. Wearing goggles or a full-face helmet safeguards you in two ways:
    • Keeps debris from your eyes, preventing vision difficulty while riding that could result in accidents
    • Protects your eyes from injury
  • Brightly-colored, rugged protective clothing. The proper clothing provides additional protection.
    • A colorful riding suit makes you more visible to other riders and motorists, thus helping avoid accidents.
    • Rugged clothing helps protect you from environmental extremes.
    • In an accident, clothing made specifically for riding can help protect your skin from contact injuries.
Male ATV rider