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You are looking at the Mississippi Offroad Rider’s Ed Study Guide. At the present time, you cannot obtain off-road education certification from Offroad Ed. However, you can use this Study Guide as a resource to learn more about off-road safety.

Proper level riding position on an OHM
Proper Level Riding Position:
Body Weight over Footpegs

On a motorcycle, your body is, effectively, an extension of the machine.

  • Each component of body position affects your ability to steer, turn, control the throttle, maintain balance, and spot obstacles quickly.
  • To master control of your motorcycle, always use correct body position.
  • Whether sitting or standing, maintain this position.
    • Stay forward with your weight directly over the footpegs.
    • Keep your feet on the footpegs with your knees slightly bent.
    • Press your knees lightly into the gas tank.
    • Hold the handlegrips firmly to control the motorcycle in tough terrain. Grip with the right wrist down to avoid accidentally giving too much throttle.
  • If your position is correct, your arms should have to bend slightly to hold the handlegrips.