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Basic Items

Leather gloves

Using a winch with certain accessories and enhancements makes it a more productive tool. The following basic items are necessary to operate your winch safely. Other items (see below) add versatility and convenience.

  • Puncture-Resistant Leather Gloves: Protect your hands while you are operating the winch or handling the cable.
  • Tree Trunk Protector: Lets you attach the winch rope to a wide variety of anchor points and objects, including living trees.
  • Clevis Block and D-Rings (Shackles):
    • Provide a safe means for connecting the looped ends of cables, straps, and snatch blocks.
    • Never use a D-ring to connect two straps together.

Other Winch Accessories

  • Blanket: Thrown over the cable to absorb energy if the cable breaks.
  • Booster Cables: Provide a way to start your ORV if you have a dead battery.
  • Choker Chain: Lets you hook up to another vehicle or sharp objects for an anchor point.
  • Control Box: Lets the operator change the direction the winch drum is rotating.
  • Extra Parts: Should include an extra screw-pin shackle and a snatch block.
  • Hook Strap: Holds the hook and keeps your fingers away from the fairlead as the cable is pulled in.
  • Recovery Points (open tow hooks, closed tow loops, shackles or d-rings on a clevis block, or a trailer hitch receiver): When secured properly to your ORV frame, provide attachment points for winch cable hooks, straps, and chains.
  • Remote Control: Lets the operator control whether the winch rotates forward or backward while standing safely away from the cable.
  • Shovels and Hand Tools: Provide extra help in removing a stuck vehicle.
  • Snatch Block: Increases the winch’s pulling power and changes the pulling direction without damaging the cable.
  • Toolbox: Include hand wrenches, screw­drivers, pliers, and tools to change the cable.