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If you must use a recovery strap instead of a winch:

  • Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to connect the towing vehicle to the vehicle that is stuck.
  • Use only properly designed, constructed, and rated recovery straps. These straps are designed to stretch when they are tugged. This stores potential energy that is released when the strap “rebounds” and provides tremendous kinetic energy to free the stuck vehicle.
  • If you must connect two straps, insert a wooden dowel perpendicular to the straps as shown here.

Using a dowel with a recovery strap

  • When connecting two straps, follow these precautions.
    • Never connect two straps without a dowel. Without a dowel in place, the straps will be pulled so tightly together that you will never be able to separate them.
    • Never connect two straps with a D-ring. If one of the straps or a mounting point should fail, the D-ring will become a deadly missile and can cause serious injury or death.