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When driving up or down a hill:

  • Check out the terrain before you begin to go up or down.
    • If you cannot see over the top of the hill, get out of your vehicle and go look.
    • If you think the hill might be too steep, do not attempt it.
  • Test the traction on the hill before you begin.
  • Stay on a path that keeps the UTV/4x4 as parallel to the fall line as possible. This will keep the vehicle balanced and the traction on the front and rear wheels equal.
  • Follow the smoothest path up the hill to maintain traction and keep the wheels straight.
  • First try to climb the hill at a slow pace. If this fails:
    • Stop the vehicle using the brakes and without depressing the clutch.
    • Back down the hill, using as little foot braking as possible and preferably none at all.
    • Try again with more momentum. As you reach the top, ease off the gas to avoid losing control as you go over.
  • Go down the hill in low/first gear.
    • Use engine braking instead of the foot brakes to control the speed.
    • If the rear wheels start to slide, apply the throttle slightly to make the wheels go faster and regain their grip.
    • Do not shift gears until you are away from the hill.