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Operating Your ORV

Before operating your off-road vehicle (ORV), you should review your owner’s manual to ensure you are familiar with the machine’s controls, function of each control, and how to operate your vehicle. Also, before you do any serious off-road riding, you need to find a safe, unchallenging location where you can practice riding your new ORV and get comfortable operating it. The location should be large, open, flat, and free of hazards.

Adjusting Your Posture

Correct riding posture matters. Like riding a bike, you need to shift your weight as you maneuver your ORV. Proper posture ensures that you can shift your weight quickly when necessary and reach the controls easily.

Proper posture includes:

  • Head up and eyes looking far ahead
  • Hands firmly on the handlebars
  • Feet on the footrests, toes pointing straight ahead

Removing one hand or foot can reduce your ability to control the ORV or could cause you to lose your balance and fall off.

If you remove a foot from the footrest, the rear wheel could run over it, causing an injury or accident.