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Learning the Common ORV Controls

The following are some common ORV controls.

  • Throttle: The throttle controls the flow of fuel or power to the engine.
  • Brakes: The brakes slow or stop a moving vehicle, typically by applying pressure to the wheels.
  • Engine Stop/Kill Switch: The engine stop/kill switch turns off a machine abruptly, especially in an emergency.

Consult your owner’s manual to learn about your machine, its accessories, and controls and their locations. You should also learn how the controls work and how to properly use them.

Basic ORV Clothing

Clothing should fit snuggly but still be comfortable. It should not be too loose. Loose clothing can snag on your vehicle, vehicle chains, and other moving parts, twigs, or branches.

Dress in layers, and wear a warm head covering under your helmet.

Wear gloves that will keep your hands warm in cold weather and offer protection in case of a fall or a collision with passing branches.

Wear closed-toe boots that offer protection for lower legs, ankles, and feet.

For the best protection, manufacturers offer clothing that is specifically designed for ORV operation. The clothing provides additional protection or padding over joint areas.

As with any outdoor winter recreation, you need clothing that will keep you warm and dry. Bear in mind that the “wind chill factor” can lower your temperature considerably. Hypothermia can occur in temperatures as high as 50° Fahrenheit.

See “For Operators and Passengers” for helmet and eye protection requirements.