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ORV Operation on State-Owned Lands

State Forest Lands: ORV restrictions vary by location.

  • Peninsulas: ORV operation is permitted on designated trails, routes, and state forest roads, unless posted as closed.
  • Statewide: ORV use on designated trails is limited to vehicles with an overall width of 50 inches or less. Off-trail or off-route operation outside of a designated area is prohibited except for hunters operating an ORV at speeds of 5 mph or less for the purpose of removing deer, bear, or elk. ORV operation on designated routes is open to all ORVs.

State Game Areas: All motorized vehicle operation is prohibited except on established roads open to the public. ORVs are specifically prohibited. These areas are found primarily in the southern third of Michigan.

State Parks and State Recreation Areas: ORV operation is prohibited in all state parks and recreation areas except in designated areas of Silver Lake State Park. Five additional state parks allow ORV use from campsite or designated area to nearby ORV trails (Baraga, Bewabic, Clear, Muskallonge, and Twin Lakes).

Cross-Country ORV Operation

Cross-country ORV operation on state-owned lands is permitted only at:

  • Designated areas at Silver Lake State Park in Oceana County
  • St. Helen Motorsport Area in Roscommon County
  • Black Mountain Scramble Area in Cheboygan County (Operation of a motorized vehicle that is greater than 50 inches in width is prohibited within the boundaries of the Scramble Area.)