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Be Prepared

Anytime you venture into off-road terrain, some risk is involved. You could become stranded because of mechanical problems; caught in unexpected, severe weather; or injured or lost.

Environment characteristics, such as rough terrain, climate extremes, and remoteness, also increase the chance of accidents.

Before You Leave...

Tell someone where and with whom you are riding and when you will be back.

Observing the Code of Safety

  • Be sure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition.
  • Familiarize yourself with your vehicle by reading your owner’s manual.
  • Wear protective clothing suitable for the environment.
  • Use a helmet and goggles to prevent injuries from twigs and road debris.
  • Make sure the lights work properly and are on during operation.
  • Don’t remove the factory-installed air box or muffler.
  • Know the terrain where you plan to ride.
  • Be aware of the weather forecast, especially ice and snow conditions.
  • Respect people and animals you encounter.
  • Never venture out alone.
  • Stay to the right on designated trails and other authorized riding areas