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Set up the course you used for braking in a turn. Place markers #3 and #4 ahead and several feet to either side of #2. Practice the turns by accelerating through the gears in the straightaway, downshifting at the turns (marker #2), and coming to a smooth stop at #3 or #4.

  • Start from the first marker in second gear. Turn toward marker #3 or #4 after you pass marker #2 on the outside.
  • After passing #3 or #4, stop as quickly as you can while downshifting into first gear.
  • If you feel your ATV swerving to one side, center your body on the machine and look where you want to go.
  • If the rear end skids, ease up on the rear brake and shift into a lower gear.
  • If the front end slides or skids, apply less front brake pressure.

Animation: Making Quick Stops on a Turn