Iowa's All-Terrain Vehicle Education

Education is mandatory in Iowa for persons ages 12-17 who ride their ATVs on designated public land or land purchased with ATV registration funds.

There is a cooperative program between the Iowa DNR and the ATV Safety Institute (ASI), a non-profit division of the Specialty

  • Vehicle Institute of America.
  • ASI's ATV course may be offered free of charge by some distributors to individuals who purchase a new ATV and the purchaser's family members may attend too. If you are not eligible for free safety training, you can take an ASI course for a fee of $77 if you are 16 or younger or for $127 if you are over 16. This fee is collected by ASI and is used to provide continuing education to instructors, provide course materials for students, and support the course administration.
  • The course is approximately 4.5 hours in length. Students practice safety techniques with hands-on exercises covering starting, stopping, swerving, and riding over obstacles. Particular emphasis is placed on the safety.
  • The course also covers protective gear, environmental concerns, and local laws. Participants receive the ATV RiderCourse® Handbook, which reinforces the safety information and riding techniques covered during the course. The instructional materials, as well as the course curriculum, have been designed in consultation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • To register for the ATV RiderCourse®, contact the ASI Enrollment Express hotline at 1‑800‑887‑2887. To speak with a national representative about ATV safety, call 1‑800‑852‑5344. For more information on the ASI ATV RiderCourse® and for interactive safety information, visit

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has developed a state-sponsored course, available at

There is an ATV Education info page on the DNR site, but there are no classroom ATV courses listed at the link provided on that page: