Know Your All-Terrain Vehicle

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are designed for both recreation and work. They can be great fun and can provide hours of safe off-road riding—but they should never be treated like toys. An ATV can be dangerous if you don't understand your vehicle or don't know proper riding procedures.

ATVs differ from other vehicles in the way they handle. Routine turning or braking, if done improperly, can result in a sudden rollover.

Different types of ATVs have their own handling characteristics. For example, some ATVs have separate front and rear brake controls, and some have a control that brakes both the front and rear wheels. You need to understand your ATV's braking system and know the safe way to come to a stop.

Remember ...

Before your first ride, take a safety course offered by the DNR or ATV Safety Institute.

ATVs are designed exclusively for off-road use.

ATVs can be difficult to handle on paved surfaces, so operating an ATV on pavement can be hazardous.

Riding on paved roads is a major cause of ATV-related fatalities.