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You are looking at a preview of what’s in the timed Arizona Offroad Ed Course. Feel free to look around, but you’ll need to register to begin progress toward getting your Arizona OHV Safety Certificate.

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  • Perform winter maintenance on your OHV as directed in your owner's manual.
  • Make certain you have been trained in surviving the extremes of the environment in which you'll be traveling. Never venture into an area without properly preparing for the unexpected.
  • Check with local law enforcement to find out if OHVs are allowed on snowmobile trails.
  • Check local weather forecasts and monitor weather changes.
  • Dress warmly to offset the wind chill created by your motion.
  • Before venturing onto a frozen lake, make sure the ice is thick enough to support your loaded OHV safely.
  • Ride only on firm snow or groomed trails. Riding on soft snow can damage the terrain.
  • Watch for snow drifts. They may cause an accident or cause you to get stuck.