Utah Approved ATV Certificate Online Course

100% Utah‐Approved OHV Certificate Online Course

A course on safe and responsible OHV operation approved by the Utah State Parks

Utah-Approved Course

This course is approved and accepted by the Utah State Parks.

What’s Included in an Approved Course

A wide variety of topics are included in this Utah course.

  • The basics of safe OHV operation
  • Responsibilities of OHV riders to others and the environment
  • General information on preparing for the unexpected

The educational content in this course can help you enjoy OHV riding more safely and with less impact on the environment.


All-Terrain Vehicle. A type of OHV with low-pressure, knobby tires designed for riding on unpaved surfaces.


Off-Highway Motorcycle. A category of motorcycles equipped for certain off-road sports. These motorcycles may or may not be “street-legal.”


Off-Highway Vehicle. A two-, three-, or four-wheeled vehicle that has a motor and is designed for riding on unpaved surfaces. OHVs are also commonly known as ORVs.


Utility-Terrain Vehicle. A type of OHV where the driver and a passenger can sit side-by-side in the vehicle. They are most commonly known as UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicle or just Utility Vehicle) or Side-by-Side Vehicles. UTVs are not designed for use on paved surfaces.

An Utah course that’s accurate, interesting and easy to understand.

Offroad Ed strives to ensure this Utah online off-road safety course helps you become a safer and more responsible rider. Educated OHV riders play an important role in making Utah a leader in the conservation and preservation of wild lands.

Utah Approved ATV Certificate Online Course

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